People involved in crimes are always looked down upon and land mafia is considered to be scum. There was no land mafia presence in Peshawar, we had not heard of land mafia trying to take over graveyards. We did hear of a factory owned by a famous Punjabi politician which still had graves inside the building as the politician had forcefully taken over a graveyard. In the past few years these hostile elements have also encroached onto Peshawar. In the posh area of University Town, an old Mullah of a Mosque first took over a newly constructed mosque by the graveyard and then started the process of constructing a walled area that took the graveyard land, along with many old graves inside his residence.
Although the Peshawar High Court has ordered the Municipal Organizations (In this case, Town II Municipal) to remove all encroachments on graveyards, but for some unknown reasons, the University Town authorities are reluctant to carry out the job. I would like to request PHC to take strict action against this offence.
Peshawar, December 17.