LAHORE - Persistent dry cold and dense fog has put the health of citizens, especially kids and elderly people, at risk of getting weather-related diseases.
Hundreds of people, majority of them kids and elderly people, are approaching hospitals on daily basis for the treatment of weather related diseases. Kids and elderly people are at greater risk of getting diseases due to less immunity and lack of measures to face the dry cold. Majority of elderly people have been hospitalized due to arthritis, joint pain, fever and asthma. Children are getting flu, cough and fever.
President General Cadre Doctors Association Dr Masood Ahmed Sheikh has suggested the people to take necessary precautionary measures to save themselves from weather-related diseases.
“Extra care should be given to kids and elderly people as they have less immunity against diseases. There is need to properly cover head, feet and wear warm clothes while going out. One should also avoid unnecessarily taking antibiotics. There is need to include soup in meal”, he said.