A quack has strangled his wife for opposing his illegal medical practice in Rana Town locality near Ferozewattuan in the remits of Bhiki police.
Aslam ran a clinic in the locality. A couple of days ago, the condition of a patient deteriorated as he had administered wrong injection to him. His wife Abida then opposed his practice and started urging him to abandon the profession. On day of incident, she repeated her demand while the quack got infuriated and strangled her with an edge of cloth.
UNITS SEALED: Six small industrial units were sealed and cases against the owners were registered with the Factory area police station by the SNGPL. An SNGPL team raided the units and found illegal gas consumption. The owners along with their staff however escaped from the site. Cases have been registered against Aslam, Farooq, Aziz, Rehan, Habib and others.
ROBBERY: A businessman was deprived of Rs600,000 and a mobile phone in Housing Colony locality. Irfan after withdrawing the cash from a bank on a motorcycle was going to home. Meanwhile, he was intercepted by three outlaws on a motorcycle. They snatched the amount at gunpoint.