This is with reference to the determination expressed by the PTI to stage more protest rallies and sit-ins on the Mall Road Lahore on December 22 after the federal government banned such activities keeping in mind the danger to lives. PTI has scheduled ‘to bring to light’ the deteriorating situation of law and order in the country and inflation.
To express one’s opinion and to stage a peaceful protest is the basic right of every human being. No one doubts the good intentions of the PTI, but the major cities of Pakistan which are already suffering from terrorism and violence, requires one to think before one leaps. Pakistan is burning; the terrorists do not miss any opportunity to unleash damage on life and property.
Though the nation has faced such heart-rending incidents with unshakable determination and unbeatable courage yet we must spare a thought for the innocent lives that were shattered by acts of violence. PTI should hold a dialogue with the government for the best solution to the prevailing problems. Let us set a trend of positive table talk for a prosperous Pakistan rather than strikes and protests.
Lahore, December 17.