The inhabitants of different new localities here are experiencing a lot of hardship and inconvenience due to loitering of pye-dogs.
Pye-dogs have become danger to the pedestrians in Akhtar Town, Mohallah Dhabwala, Sherpura, Bahawalpura, Mughalpura, Sharifpura, Qadeerpura, Pir Kaly Shah, Garhi Awan, Khanpura, Mian Da Kot, Ali Town, Darbar Road, Vanike Road, Alipur Road, Mubarik Colony, Model Town, Gujranwala Road and Kolo Road areas.
They protested against the negligence and apathetic attitude of TMA and Health Department for not culling the pye-dogs. They said that several incidents of dog-bites have been reported in the localities. They have appealed to the Commissioner and DCO Hafizabad to order the TMA and Health Department to take prompt steps to eliminate pye-dogs to relieve the dwellers of physical danger and mental agony.
COMPETITION: Muhammad Saleem and Ali Raza were declared mister and junior mister of Hafizabad in a competition of the body builders held here in the Jinnah Hall under the auspices of Pakistan Body Building Federation Hafizabad chapter.
The competition was held under the supervision of well known body builders Farhan Shahzad and Abdul Khaliq Khokhar.