Nothing can be worse than massacring hundreds of children in the name of Islam. What are we trying to portray, that we live in a country that slaughter little ones who aims to become literate? Those innocent souls who could never think to harm anyone were martyred leaving the country bleeding. This is not the first time that we faced such consequences it has become a daily routine. Though we have lost all feeling, yet this incident has shaken the roots of the country.

We should try to contribute by at least speaking about it and unite. No one can repay their loss, but I can share in their grief. Every child is precious, it takes years and years to grow, parents nurture them for a prosperous future. We are not frightened by these attacks as we are not cowards, like those who take revenge through children. We are brave enough to stand together and fight for our cause. It’s high time we forgot our differences as joined hands to save our country, our families and our children. There is no time to wait for the government’ response. Don’t blame the leaders and politicians take the initiative and work on ‘help thyself’ bases to secure the future of our children.


Karachi, December 17.