After obstructing the winning streak in Test matches the ‘Black Caps’ defeated Pakistan in second T-20 match. As usual, we lost momentum and became frail and acted like minnows of cricket world. Such tendencies are not new in our teams’ behaviour. Pakistan has long been suffering from the syndrome of inconsistency and indiscipline in batting. Most of the major events were lost, owing to sudden batting collapse but ironically, Misbah and Younis are again struggling for runs. As World Cup draws nearer, the PCB must focus on a strategy to overcome these inefficiencies and shortcomings that we have been showing consistently.

We frequently fall like nine pins and become a laughing stock for our performance. Hafeez, after his bowling action has been reported, has now become deadwood for one day squad. Similarly, veteran batsmen should seek refuge in commentary or coaching and leave the squad for good. Alternatively, they will sink the whole ship in the coming mega event. Ajmal has become a story of the past; however, he may be assigned the duty of training new bowlers. Those who have been tried repeatedly must be shown the door, at this point as taking risks would undermine teams’ performance.

The ongoing one day series vividly exposes flaws in our batting. Thanks to Haris for ensuring victory with Afridi in first one day match, otherwise, we would have ended as complete losers. Afridi, with 385 matches, is yet to be tamed and trained, if he plays prudently, he will be an asset. It is the right time for PCB to take solid measures to prepare the best squad for world cup 2015.


Islamabad, De