I am a student of Software Engineering and wants to bring into your notice a major issue being launched in the society with latest modernization in every aspect of human’s life through this letter.

We humans are considered superior than every other creature living on this Mother land. Nature is the most vital phenomena surrounding our materialistic lives. Though many hidden mysteries have been revealed to the world due to continual thought processes of Human yet many such conundrums are still unknown to Humans.

Scientists were able to discover the traces of life on many distant planet(s) and are trying to locate any conditions which are familiar to the one we are living in. They may well succeed in finding the atmospheric conditions on any planet which can be an alternate to the living the life on the planet Earth yet they will not be able to trace down the Gravitational Force necessary for the sustenance of life on that planet.

Science can only alter the gifts provided by nature effectively but cannot substitute them. The urge to discover the hidden realities of the nature has many prominent scientists to be involved in the intricacy of Nature. The words of Einstein about the situation seem legit that the most incomprehensible fact about Nature is that; it is comprehensible.

Aside from the plants life which is getting extinct, the animal species are also getting annihilated due to the destruction caused by so-called human development which is a topic being discussed at various platforms. Despite the fact that many animal kinds are not lessened to vanishing out and out yet we ought to be more worried about their steadily reducing numbers. For instance, the falling numbers of sparrows in Metropolitan Cities are due to the harmful rays being continuously emitted from the cellular towers causing the demise of such harmless tiny creature. With this trend we might not be able to hear their sweet chirping during dawn and dusk. This is just the tip of iceberg emerging which is due to the inhumane activities of Humans. And it is the right time we humans should consider lives of other creatures important and ponder upon well before going insane over the development.

Government of Pakistan should take the responsibility of keeping track of the experimental work carried out throughout the country and preserving the right of living of animals.


Lahore, November 21.