We have another spinoff institution given birth after the heated emotions of the nation at the one-year memorial of the APS attack. The Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar announced on Thursday that a Joint Intelligence Directorate will commence work within a few months while mega centres of National Database Registration Authority (Nadra) will be created across the country by 2016. The Joint Intelligence Directorate, in the coming three months, will improve intelligence sharing for more effective efforts against the menace of terrorism. However, does there already not exist an agency that could coordinate the flow of intelligence between various arms of the government? We have the best intelligence agency in the world, do we not?

The Interior Minister, in the same breath, refused to share intelligence on government performance regarding the implementation of the NAP saying “National Action Plan and interior ministry are separate.” The opposition parties however strongly demanded a briefing on the NAP, and rightly so. The sentiment of the opposition is that the Interior Ministry was directly responsible for the failure or success of this plan. However, as much as we criticise Chaudhy Nisar and his rocky tenure as Interior Minister, lets for a second imagine Rehman Malik in his place, and what his management of the APS fallout would have been like.

The Minister announced that mega Nadra and Passport Offices would be established all across the country. Additionally an online passport facility would be introduced. It is unclear if these added measures are for the ease of the people or for gathering intelligence.

The problem with all the government’s initiatives to counter terrorism and maintain security is that they are reactionary. None of these plans are well thought out or researched. As a problem arises, an ad hoc tribunal or bureau is set up. The creation of more red tape does little to get to the root causes.