After 18th amendment education is now provincial problem, but Federal government is still not ready to accept that. Even though education is transferred to provinces federal government is busy in making new National Educational Policy. Is the federal government able to do this? This question from that day, is making confusion, when it was decided in education’s provincial ministers conference (Inter provincial education ministers conference),”All provincial and tribal governments will do policy dialogue and will provide workable suggestions to make better 2009’s national educational policy.” After this conference period wise the educational policy dialogues were started and now it is said,” New settled national educational policy will be dissolved in next year’s first month of January.” It is surprising thing that why small provinces are in silence at this matter and also cause of worry is that education department of Sindh has talked on this. From small provinces that attitude favorably will be considered competent on own constitutional right.

Department of education of Sindh is under the effect of “outsider expert”, most of them can be said,” outer kabri, in sindh mena”. All are inspired by their ability, which are in reality expert of cut paste. It hurts when Sindh competent on its constitutional right, effected by such experts, because in constitution about education nothing is unclear. Before 18th amendment education was in concurrent list of constitution. Commonly is said that in that time education was matter of both federal and provincial, but now the concurrent list is finished, in result of that educational policy, syllabus planning centre of excellence (training and research), educational standard and Islamic education all are transferred by federal to provincial. For making perfect that thing it is necessary to understand the constitutional point in perfect way. It is discussed with constitutional expert and lawyers, one of that experts said,” with the presence of Article 25 (A) in constitution education is fundamental right and all fundamental rights come into the presented lists in constitution of department of federal.” Perhaps federal government is doing by making such thing as basic, in other way education comes under province. On this matter Barrister Zameer Gumro viewed very wisely and so clearly. According to him education is completely matter of provinces. Therefore federal government cannot make the educational policy. If she is doing this it will be considered tread of constitution. He explained by giving reference of Article 142 (C) of constitution,” Federal cannot do legislation on provincial, that’s why provincial ministers have no right that they make national policy and approve it, there is no capacity in constitution,” Now if there is no capacity in constitution that federalist people have started exotic hue and cry.

By hearing the logic of the federalist people, they say provinces will rebel, if rights are transferred at low level, federal will be weak. Provinces have no technical and management experience. Should not be included such thing in any syllabus etc. The educational policy of 2009 was made by hard work, it will be spoiled. They will create fear by doing such thing, then will create environment of taking strong steps of constitution. For such federalist friends some points are presented that since 1973, up to 2010 educational policy, syllabus, etc were in hand of federal, in which democratic and undemocratic period came. Which educational revolution was brought by such policies, which will now be stopped? Which brotherhood and love was created. Balochistan is still in fire. Sindh is still crying. Tribal areas are not under any discussion that what their character in this country is. The main thing that did they provide standard education and facilities same to everyone in whole country? Today in our country the extremism, minority and evil with women if it is seen that in that there is hand of our educational management that’s why it is necessary that provinces should be given chance that they in light of reality of their historical, cultural create educational policy. In this act the environment of competition will be created in provinces and they will learn from each other. If real unity is created in country that should be acted upon constitution and provinces should be provided more and more help to complete their constitutional responsibilities. Not by any excuse the rights are given back.


Larkana, November 21.