The above statement is a tautology. It is diplomatic double-speak that sugarcoats the terrible perception the US has of Pakistan. Such words in the western media have become self-fulfilling prophecies. Problems are not hard to in any country when scrutinised. Pakistan is no more dangerous than Saudi Arabia, the home of radical Islamist ideology, Iran, a state that wants to enforce its version of government on the world (Vilayat-e-faqih), Yemen that was the home of Al-Qaeda operatives, Afghanistan the land of sulking warlords, Syria the quicksand in the Middle East… and we could go on. We are the most stable and moderate of all the Muslim counties in the region, but we get the worst PR. This has to change if want countries like the US to respect us and not issue ill-informed statements. Pictures of Pakistanis burning American flags published in the international media will not help.

“While Pakistan is not the most dangerous country in the world, it is

probably the most dangerous country for the world.”

–Kevin Hulbert, a former CIA officer, 2015.