Very recently, an ex-senator was arrested on charges of facilitating sectarian killings. He was found to be in possession of 5 prohibited bore weapons – 4 licensed and 1 unlicensed. This seems to fit well with the Interior Minister’s confession in the National Assembly, some 5 years back, that the parliamentarians had been issued with 69473 prohibited bore gun licenses.

One assumes that the parliamentarians are elected to peacefully work for the interests of the ordinary citizens. A parliament loaded with 69743 prohibited bore gun licenses (the number has increased substantially since then) could only be engaged in ideas and acts of crime and militancy.

Why does the government of Pakistan need to appease its ruling elite with such large number of weapons of mass destruction – issued entirely without any verification or back-ground check.

So when the state looks for reasons of militancy in Pakistan, it may be best to start with the Constitution Avenue at Islamabad. It may be equally appropriate for the honourable parliamentarians to voluntarily disarm themselves and surrender their weapons so that a national movement for civilian de-weaponisation could be initiated in Pakistan.


Lahore, November 6.