We are being pushed back into the dark ages through the acts of a few fanatics who surely enough, are ignorant of the true teachings of Islam, which assures the sanctity of human life irrespective of their beliefs. Sectarianism is a poison, which is undermining our unity and faith. More than ten people have lost their lives in the recent religious terrorist acts in Karachi which is also alarming for the law enforcement agencies operating there. The government should punish these people with iron hands. The banned sectarian organisations and their spin-off groups must not be at large at any cost. They should not be permitted to organise them in any other name. Media should also play a reconciliatory role by arranging programmes based on religious harmony and peace focusing on human values preached by Islam and negating all forms of extremism according to teachings of Islam. The people should also reject the hardliner clergy and their blind pursuit. 

It is hoped you will publish this letter and oblige. 


Mandi Bahauddin, November 6.