Economic growth is the reality of human activity. Social, cultural and political sustainability depends on economic development. But why is Pakistan not a developed country? Since independence, Pakistan is an agricultural country and we have masses of raw materials, but due to a lack of modern technology, we are unable to produce finished goods in our country. 

On the other hand, Pakistan has a big problem of a deficit in the balance of payments and a trade deficit. 

According to the current Pakistan economic survey report, the import target was set at $43.2billion (an increase of 6 percent) and export declined by 9.5 percent. The overall trade deficit posted an increase of 2.1 percent during FY2016. 

If we fully use our own resources, not only will we be able to get rid from the loans we have taken, but we can also use that revenue in the development of the country. 


KARACHI, November 6.