When we hear the very word “Marriage”, all the good vibes of rituals and fascinating customs surround us and we all couldn’t help but imagine the lavishly fancy “lehnga” the bride would be wearing or the infinite number of functions that, undoubtedly will be prolonged for a week or two. Yes it all sounds so perfectly happy but yet it is deceiving. Yes it’s a fallacy to withstand the status quo. All these colorful functions are merely adding up to bride’s parents miseries. Yes, you might see them happily smiling but deep down, the economic capacity of theirs is crushing them. Not only this, the list of infinite things which has to be sent to the groom’s house as dowry is yet another burden and here the veil of a happy marriage ceremony is dropped. Taking dowry worth a huge fortune is not just considered to be a custom but is a prerequisite for a marriage to happen. It wouldn’t sound as a problem to the elite class but however middle class is a complete victim of this binding curse. How can be a foundation of such a pure relation is built on such materialistic pursuits? Is this the venomous truth about all the Pakistani marriages?


Lahore, December 8.