On November 27th, 1947 Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said that “I must emphasis that greater attention should be paid to Technical and Vocational Education” but unfortunately his statement was not taken seriously by any regime in Pakistan. In 2008, provincial government of Sindh had taken it seriously and took a practical step to start imparting Technical and Vocational trainings all over Sindh to equip youth of Sindh with employable skills. This program had got appreciation world over that in 2012 Japan had funded millions of rupees through World Bank and in 2013, World Bank itself started giving loan to run this program at larger scale.

Program ran successfully viz BBSYDP and met all the targets given by World Bank to train certain number of youth in different phases of training. World Bank inspiring from this program started same kind of program in Rajasthan, India and Kabul, Afghanistan.

Present Government has also shown determination to carry on such training all over Pakistan and in this way Pakistan is heading towards trained & equipped youth to get decent employment or to start a business and credit goes to provincial government which is pioneer to start such a wonderful program.


Karachi, December 8.