LONDON-Consumers will have to pay a returnable deposit on bottles, cans and disposable cups under a new government strategy. Homes in England will be provided by councils with separate collections for food waste.

Recycling will be made less confusing for households, and manufacturers will need to foot the cost of disposing of the goods they produce. The plan has been cautiously welcomed by green groups, but some business groups are wary. The strategy is designed to help combat climate change, safeguard resources and reduce the flow of plastic to the ocean.The last waste strategy was set out 11 years ago and since then concern has boomed over climate change, the oceans and the way we use resources.

Rotting waste is a major source of greenhouse gases that are over-heating the planet. And plastic litter is killing marine life. The government’s Resources and Waste Strategy sets out how ministers aim to change the way we deal with waste from the home to the workplace. There are considerable differences currently around the UK. For instance, only around 35% of households in England are obliged to put food waste in its own caddy. That compares with 56% in Scotland and 100% in Wales. The figures exclude food waste mixed with garden waste.