ISLAMABAD-The body camera, which has now been made part of uniform of Islamabad police deputed at federal capital’s check posts is multi-purpose and will make the policing smart.

The camera will be able to detect any person having criminal record; it will beep (alarm) to alert the policemen in case there is a need to detain a criminal; it will help the policemen behave in a civilised manner, and; this gadget will provide video proof if any civilian or policemen becomes rude, misbehaves or gets physical or takes law into his own hands.

Talking exclusively with The Nation, Mr Sarfaraz Falki, Director of Safe City Project (SCP) stated that the initiative was taken following growing complaints against the policemen mismanaging the situation. In addition, he briefed that the new initiative will improve the surveillance across the city and will ensure safety.

Body worn cameras, or body cameras, are a part of policing equipment in many developed countries. They are used to record events involving police or law enforcement officials, worn on the torso of the body of the official’s uniform.

According to the Director SCP, the system will help the police force to be upgraded and meet the international standards.

The Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat when contacted by The Nation endorsed this step taken by the authorities. However, on further questioning about the new project, DC Islamabad said that the project was being managed by the IGP and SCP and not them.

Therefore, this correspondent reached out to the Public Relation Officer of Inspector General of Police who stated, “the body cameras will not only be part of the uniform of deputy policemen on checkposts, but will also be having record of all criminal activities and people involved in it.

And when they will be captured on these body cameras, an alarm would be activated to alert the policemen about the criminal person.”

The most important thing about police uniform cameras is that they would capture images of law enforcement encountering with the general public, including suspects, witnesses and passersby.

The recordings will further help keep all parties honest and allow them to gain some confidence in one another, knowing that anything anyone says about the interaction can later be verified.