Rawalpindi-Regional Police Officer Rawalpindi (RPO) Sohail Habib Tajik while addressing business community at the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that business community can play a vital role in addressing minor crimes and disputes.

As per the statement issued by the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, RPO said business community, being one of the pillars of the society, can play a vital role here and ask for cooperation and assistance in addressing minor crimes and disputes which came out due to the intolerance and lack of patience in our society. The incidents of fighting, feuds, riots, and siege are on the rise, he added.

He said that modern technology is being used to prevent crime in the city. CCTV monitoring systems are being introduced to key business centres and hot spots in the light of Safe City. In addition, an emergency call button will be set up at each business centre so that any businessman or citizen can make SOS calls to report any incident or crime.

He further informed that emergency button system will issue immediate alerts to all police stations and dolphins force in the city. The recommendations and suggestions for enabling community police and alternate dispute resolution committee are commendable.

Cameras are also being installed with patrolling police personnel’s uniform and others. Conversations between police and citizens at check points will be recorded through the cameras. During the next phase, modern cameras will also be part of the staff uniform in the police station, he added.

He further added that the primary duty of the police was to protect the citizens. The role of the business community in promoting economic activities is very important. We strive to control street crimes, especially in the markets of the city, so that customers can shop with ease and comfort. Suggestions and identification of key locations for the installation, control room and improved connectivity of CCTV cameras will be implemented in markets, he further added.

Earlier, Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Saboor Malik, in his welcome address gave a short over view of the chamber current and upcoming events. He urged early completion of Safe City project and assured full cooperation from the business community. He said that unemployment is the major source of street crimes and assured full support and joint efforts in addressing street crimes.

While commenting on new initiative of Police Department, Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry President said that the visit of police officers to mosques regularly and talking to citizens will build public confidence in the police. He said that these measures will help convey a positive message and thinking of the police to the public.