AHMEDPUR EAST-The Chief Minister Inquiry Team (CMIT) has finalised an inquiry against Wildlife Officer Rahim Yar Khan, former District Wildlife Officer and two Inspectors on the complaint of PTI MPA Sahibzada Gazain

Khan Abbasi.

The two members CMIT committee, comprising its chairman Raheel Siddiqui and Rana Afzal Abbas has finalised the inquiry against District Wildlife Officer Rahim Yar Khan Asim Kamran, former district wildlife officer Mujahid Karim and two wildlife Inspectors - Allah Nawaz and

Noor Shah.

According to details, RY Khan District Wildlife Officer Asim Kamran had alleged that MPA Sahibzada Gazain Abbasi ‘s younger brother Sahibzada Shahzain Abbasi was arrested in Cholistan on the charge of illegal hunting and released after the payment of Rs50,000. Inquiry team member Rana Afzal Abbas recorded the statement of Shahzain Abbasi in circuit house Bahawalpur and next day he heard the four employees of the Wildlife Department and questioned them.

After conducting two days inquiry, both Raheel Siddiqui and Rana Afzal Abbas left back for Lahore where the team will submit its report to the Punjab chief minister.

Mean while Sahibzada Shahzain Khan Abbasi while talking to newsmen here, alleged that District Wildlife Officer Rahim Yar Khan had tried to defame him and hatched a pre-planned conspiracy against him while not a single live or slaughtered bird or deer could be recovered out of his jeep.

The MPA’s younger brother Shahzain Abbasi further informed that at the time of the Wildlife department raid in Cholitan, he had visited Toba Ghurara in Cholistan on the invitation of his political supporter besides he had gone for inspection of his family camel and sheep house. Similarly, he marked the area for the hunting of “Kashmira” bird for which Director General Punjab Wildlife Department Hassan Sukhera had issued him a permit for three days.

Shahzain Abbasi alleged that District Wildlife Officer Asim Kamran had a grudge with him because he had prohibited his personal friends for illegal hunting. He said that open vehicles are used for hunting purpose while his both vehicles were in hi-roof and closed door.

Responding a query about Rs50,000 fine, he challenged the Wildlife department Rahim Yar Khan to show media its receipt and copy of his identity card. Shazain Abbasi said that District Wildlife Officer got published a fabricated news against him upon which the Punjab chief minister had ordered an inquiry against him.