LOS ANGELES-Sam Heughan has hinted that he wants to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond.

Daniel, 51, is believed to be leaving his role as 007 following his fifth outing as IAN FLEMING’s character in ‘No Time to Die’ and the ‘Outlander’ star claims it is time for another Scottish Bond.

However, Sam admits it is just wishful thinking on his part at this stage.

During an appearance on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’, Sam said: ‘’I can reveal right now, I am not James Bond. I’m still waiting for the call. Well, I haven’t been told I’m not...’’

Admitting he wants to be the first Scotsman to play 007 since original actor Sir Sean Connery, the 39-year-old actor added: ‘’I’d be the first Scottish [since Sean Connery]. Ian Fleming, he had a lot of Scottish ties. I think it would definitely be time for another Scottish Bond, but I actually shot a movie this year [‘SAS: Red Notice’] based on Andy McNab’s novels. It’s a lot like Bond, a lot like Bourne.’’

However, Sam later took to Twitter to joke that he would be unable to play Bond because he has ginger hair.