RAWALPINDI - Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said Wednesday that Pakistan was an encampment of the Kashmiri people and Moodi had made a historical blunder by changing the status of occupied Kashmir.

Speaking on the death anniversary of Kashmiri leader Chaudary Ghulam Abass, the minister said that special court verdict to declare former chief of army staff as traitor would widen gap among institutions and there was time that all institutions should shun their differences.

Sh Rasheed said that declaring winner of Siachen and Kargil wars as traitor was not wise and those who looted the country had been at large. He said he had never seen such a strong reaction from the army spokesman in his political tenure and predicted that situation could worsen in coming days if not controlled timely and wisely by all institutions.

The minister said that Kashmiri struggle could not be materialised without giving blood and the slogan that ‘Kashmir would become Pakistan’ needed ‘blood’.  He said he closely monitoring struggle of Kashmiri people and those who considered Kashmiri people fool were fool themselves, he added.