For the coming elections of the upper house to elect 50 Senators on 4th March 2009, the Chief Election Commissioner should impose a ban on carrying of mobile phones by the voters. This is necessary to uphold the sanctity of the secret ballot. I propose that on the day, the Speakers of the national and provincial assemblies should confiscate mobile phones of the honorable members, or at least ensure they should not bring these gadgets inside the halls. One might recall how in the previous polls, the mobile phones were used by a few legislators to take pictures of their stamped ballots which were shown as proof to their party leadership. In the NWFP Assembly during the last presidential election, treasury members openly showed their stamped ballots to supervising sleuths of the PPP in total breach of law of secrecy of ballot. What can one expect from parliamentarians like this who have no regard for the election procedure nor any considerations of the dignity of the house they represent. -DR ALFRED CHARLES, Karachi, via e-mail, February 8.