Ch Aitzaz Ahsan's expulsion from the PPP's central executive committee, on account of spearheading the lawyers' movement is a sad reflection on the party's commitment to the ideals of democracy and free speech. Ever since the start of the judicial crisis, he had been the prominent leader of the lawyer's movement. While the PPP supported the movement during its electoral campaign, it distanced itself from it after it formed the government at the Centre. However, Ch Aitzaz continued to agitate for the restoration of the deposed judges. His struggle was recognized outside the country as well. He has nearly 40 years of association with the PPP and had been Federal Minister for Interior in Benazir's cabinet. By dropping him from the executive body, many will consider that the party would be a loser. Keeping in view the brief explanation issued from his Lahore office, Ch Aitzaz is undeterred by the move and would continue to struggle for the restoration of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. The PPP will be poorer for sidelining a member of his stature.