I wish to express my gratitude to the LDA authorities, or whosoever is behind the daring action of removal of iron gates in various localities of Lahore including the Iqbal Town from where 247 such gates have been removed. Some effected persons of this action are making hue and cry in media. But here are some of the grave drawbacks of these so-called security gates; 1) Iron gates basically restrict free movement of the people, usually inhabitants of the same locality who lose precious time & fuel going round and round within the same area to avoid these gates. 2) These gates defeat the entire purpose of having wide roads in an area to ensure free flow of traffic. To quote examples, the gates at the 60 feet wide road of Nisther Block (connecting residents of Mehran Block with Karik Nala Road leading to Dubai Chowk) and Green Belt Road (connecting Kamran Block to Wahdat Road) had been a nuisance for the large populations of these areas as they were depriving easy access to both these crucial roads since almost two decades. 3) Presence of these gates caused an enhanced flow of traffic in gateless streets and made life miserable for their law-abiding residents. The flow of traffic has been reduced considerably after removal of the gates. 4) As regards the myth of security associated with these gates, it has been noticed that sometimes they actually help miscreants in escaping from hard pursuit of law enforcing agencies. Security can be achieved through appointment of security guards or installation of security cameras, which should be affordable for residents of these localities if they pool money. -ASHFAQ AHMED SARWAR, Lahore, via e-mail, February 2.