LAHORE - Punjab Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah on Wednesday told the Punjab Assembly that law is equal for a donkey and Governor of the province. Rana Sana, a strong opponent of the Punjab governor, went a step forward while responding to a query about gambling and said, "Law is equal for all whether a donkey is riding a car or a governor is flying kites to celebrate basant." The law minister was responding to the supplementary question of MPA Mian Naseer Ahmed on floor of the House during question-answer session on home department here in the Punjab Assembly on Wednesday. Rana Sana Ullah is known, in the media circles, as a person who did not think before saying something. He had sought unconditional apology from the Punjab governor after he had to face severe criticism from his own party leadership and the opponents when he had made pictures of the governor's family public. Admitting the fact that organised gambling is going on unchecked, the law minister informed the House that the Punjab government could not wipe out telephonic-gambling from the province and dens situated within the boundaries of Lahore Race Club. The minister said that the government has provided a system to the police to trace the telephone calls. But, he said, if the police started intercepting telephone calls, it would further complicate the situation. However, the minister said that necessary legislation should be made in this regard. MPA Mian Naseer also pointed out that gambling is still continued unabated inside the Lahore Race Club in the gambling dens set up by the bigwigs of the previous regime. He also asked the law minister to explain the legal status of such dens. Responding to this query, the law minister said that the government could not ban such activities inside the race club. These clubs are allowed to continue "some" activities within its boundaries, Rana Sana Ullah maintained. However, he said that the law is equal for everybody. Mian Naseer also pointed out that the bookmakers were actively operating in Defense Housing Authority (DHA) by setting up more than a hundred gambling dens in this posh locality. The law minister replied that the law enforcement agencies had been directed to ensure strict monitoring of the gambling dens and take immediate action if any information is received in this regard. MPA Yasin Sohal while speaking on floor of the House said that the bookies are running gambling dens in connivance with the police. "Mr Speaker, the police know well where the gambling dens are operating. It is impossible to run a gambling den without the involvement of the police," he said. He also urged the government to take strict action against the policemen backing the gambling dens in the province. Responding to a question of MPA Amina Ulfat, the law minister said that the government intended to provide adequate and standardised buildings to the police department to shift the police stations set up in the rented buildings. He said that the government would earmark a reasonable amount in the next budget and the process would be completed in the next three to four years. MPA Mian Ataa Manika strongly criticised Chief Secretary Punjab Javed Mahmood stating that he, along with an army of secretaries, is visiting various parts of Punjab and is just wasting the time and resources of the government. "What is the outcome of his visits?" he questioned. Administrative work comes to a halt wherever the chief secretary pays visits along with his army, he added.