Human history's most barbaric and evil projects is the national policy of India today therefore it is imperative to expose its designs against Pakistan. Planned genocide and systematic destruction of the Pakistani nation through diversion and theft of Pakistani waters gained momentum after the creation of Bangladesh. India only pays lip service to the Indus Waters Treaty of September 1960 as she continues to sabotage every attempt by Pakistan to build a large dam after completion of Tarbela in 1974. Jinnah called Kashmir the main life-sustaining artery of Pakistan. The Indians clearly understood its strategic value and manipulated the accession of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Their actions defied the democratic values they propagate. The ends justified the means. This surreptitious undeclared war by India is employing artificial water scarcity as the weapon for annihilation of Pakistan's Federation. Creating provincial disharmony and through water-theft. Initially by stealth it is now impossible to conceal the real motives of over sixty barrages, dams and tunnels (many under construction) in Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian organisation International Commission for Irrigation and Drainage established in 1951 has developed an "Indian First" agenda and through guile and cunning positioned itself in a situation of great influence with multilateral institutions and government agencies worldwide. ICID is a dangerous weapon. While it conceals the increased inflow due to global warning/glacier retreat it influences the World Bank and other multi-laterals to deny Pakistan vital financing for its large dams by declaring the northern areas of Pakistan as part of the "disputed" region of Jammu and Kashmir. Classic Chankian tactics. Why do Pakistan authorities not react to this? Are fifth columnists so influential? The predications in David E Lilienthal's report of August 1951 (received by PM Liaquat Ali Khan in September 1951) are tragically proven true. Recall a passage from the report: "No army, with bombs and shellfire, could devastate a land as thoroughly as Pakistan could be devastated by the simple expedient of India permanently shutting off the sources of water that keep the fields and the people of Pakistan alive...." Swastika the Hindu symbol of "the war-god" was also used by the Nazi Third Reich as it pursued its genocidal agenda during the Second World War. The rice of the RSS and fanatical Hindu organisations has accelerated in the last decades. 'India Is At War'. India has launched in 2006 the world's largest single irrigation project estimated to cost over US$212 billion. This river linking project is clearly predicating the theft of Pakistan's waters flowing through Jammu and Kashmir. No doubts remain. All major issues of Pakistan today are a direct result of India's ongoing campaign to destabilise Pakistan's economy through the diversion of its surface waters. Internally India's blatant interference through some unpatriotic provincial politicians and public servants has created a permanent lobby which opposes large dams needed for a sustainable economy. The stagnant agricultural production and alarming reduction in hydro-electric generation as part of the energy scenario are caused by Pakistan's failure to construct large dams after 1974. The major industry (textiles) being agro-based suffers on both counts as irrigated agriculture and hydel energy both decline. The Indian factor; its interference in our Indus Basin flows (directly and indirectly) has already inflicted since 1974 a loss of over US$1 trillion plus on Pakistan's nascent economy. This loss is growing exponentially. It has snowballed into a catastrophic energy crisis. Potentially the finest agro based economy of Asia has become unsustainable and is dependent on imported oil. Left the fifth columnists take note that further unpatriotic activities will not be tolerated. Men of conscience everywhere, especially Pakistani must be aware of this inhuman agenda of the Indian nation. The real face of the nation that claims to be the planet's biggest democracy "and adherents of Ahinsa" is the unacceptable face of a fanatical mass murderer who operates by stealth.