ISLAMABAD - After failing to convince Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) on staging sit-in in federal capital for indefinite period, the lawyers' leaders finally decided to come up with their plan to directly approach masses and seek their participation in the protest for getting the deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry restored. The sources privy to the developments taking place during lawyers and PML-N leaders' meetings disclosed to TheNation that after failing to convince the PML-N leadership, the lawyers finally decided to contact the masses directly and convince them to participate in their protest aimed at establishing independent judicial system in the country. The sources further disclosed that the PML-N leadership had been trying to convince the lawyers for the past couple of weeks not to go for indefinite sit-in in federal capital and come up with some schedule. According to an insider, PML-N wanted some specific timeframe for the sit-in and it suggested the lawyers' leaders to announce a sit-in for maximum a couple of days and leave the capital to come again and again staging protest to achieve their goal. The PML-N leadership was of the view that it would not be feasible to stage sit-in for indefinite or a longer period, as it would be hard to make arrangements for meeting the basic needs of the people participating in the protest, the sources added. Though the PML-N leadership had expressed their willingness to participate in the long march and was ready to provide all sort of support to it, it had reservations over the sit-in plan of the lawyers which lawyers wanted to keep till the restoration of the deposed Chief Justice. The sources close to the lawyers' leadership informed TheNation that there were serious reservations among the lawyers about the PML-N wavering stand over the issue of its participation in the lawyers' protest, and at the same time growing closeness of PML-N with the Pakistan People's Party was also a matter of great disturbance to them. Due to, what lawyers term, the dual character of PML-N, most of the senior lawyers in the movement are of the view that PML-N should not be relied upon completely and it is the result of their persuasion that it was decided to approach the public at large directly and convince them to come and join long march and sit-in. The sources further disclosed that in the next couple of days the lawyers would come up with a countrywide schedule wherein the bar associations would approach the people from all walks of life. In this way the lawyers would not only come out of total dependence on the political parties but would effectively carry their message and goals to the public at large, commented one of the senior lawyer closely working with the lawyers' movement.