It is most distressing to see the picture of Quaid-e-Azam, the founder of the nation, being replaced with leaders of various political parties. I have observed that no past governments had ever given more importance to any leader other than the Quaid. It was, thus, very distressing to see a large portrait of Benazir Bhutto looming over a signing ceremony at the Prime Minister House on February 5. The members of her party talk of the sacrifices made by her. Aren't they forgetting the supreme sacrifices made for our homeland by its dedicated founder, Mohammed Ali Jinnah? How can they forget that he gave his life so that we could have a country where we could live as first class citizens? I am not objecting to the PPP leader's portraits being put up anywhere. All I am saying is that her portraits should not replace those of our beloved Quaid at the places of official importance. -A DISGUSTED PAKISTANI, via e-mail, Lahore, February 5.