ISLAMABAD (APP) - About 50.93 million tons of sugarcane crop is estimated to be produced this year to fulfil the domestic consumption requirements. An official in the ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock (Minfal) told APP here on Wednesday that sugarcane crop was cultivated over 1.03 million hectare of land this year as compared to cultivation area of over 1.24 million during 2007-08. The sugarcane was cultivate in all four provinces of the country, the official said adding that in Punjab the crop was cultivated on 674 thousand hectare of land to produce 31,844 thousand tons of sugarcane. In Sindh, NWFP the sugarcane was grown on about 264 and 104 thousand hectare of land respectively to get 31844 and 14,302 thousand tons of crop respectively during the current year, he added. In Balochistan, 1000 hectare of land was set to produce 41 thousand tons of the crop output during recent year, he said. He said that about 3.5m tons of sugar was estimated to be produce during the current financial year as the country consumed about 4.3m tons of sugar annually. About 1.1m tons of sugar was available as carry forward stock to tackle the domestic market demand while a total of 4.6m tons sugar would be available as against its consumption, he added. The official said that 84 sugarcane crushing mills were fully operational all across the country to start timely crushing of sugarcane to avoid shortage of the commodity and for smooth supply of sugar in the market. The installed sugarcane crushing units were able to produce about 6 million tons of sugar per annum, he added. He said that during the current financial the indicative price of sugarcane has been set as Rs.80 per 40 kilogram in Punjab and NWFP Provinces, while in Sindh Province the price would be Rs.81 per 40 kg. Minfal was endeavoring to provide the farmers maximum benefits for their output to encourage them to produce more crops to make the country self-sufficient in food production as well as to alleviate the poverty in the country,he added. The millers also paid all the outstanding dues of the farmers, the official said adding that this was the result of governments campaign, directing millers to make timely payments to farmers.