KARACHI - The issuance of show cause notices to Ch. Aitzaz Ahsan and Safdar Abbasi, who once personified unity and strength of the PPP, has created unrest throughout the rank and file of the party. Sources revealed to The Nation on Wednesday, however, said the news coming from Islamabad and Lahore of some disciplinary actions against these two stalwarts was an indication of a possible split in the rank and file of the PPP which draws as much strength from the top leadership as from the 'Jiyals' who were once considered backbone of Z. A. Bhutto's politics. Analysts are of the view that Aitzaz Ahsan is not an ordinary leader. He has his own following among the party workers particularly in Lahore and Punjab while Safdar Abbasi along with his wife Naheed Khan have their own strength in the lower cadre. The latest development on the party font is disturbing as for as unity is concerned. However, it will take some time before drawing battle lines among different groups that already exist in the party. After the martyrdom of Benazir Bhutto, the party had already been divided into two camps, one supporting her written will, through which Asif Zardari rose to the power and became the President. Another camp, in which Naheed Khan was prominent, initially remained muted about the matter but recently she has started doubting the existence of any will or its exact wordings. A harsh decision, taken before the March 12 long march of lawyers spearheaded by Aitzaz Ahsan, will badly shake the very foundations of the PPP and there are chances that opponents of the present government might come out in open. However, if the action is delayed, it will be seen as a retreat for the top party leadership and might be interpreted as its defeat. Any decision in this regard will ultimately weaken the hold of top PPP leaders on party affairs and the governance will be the first casualty. The writ of the party leadership, remained unchallenged so far, will be tested while chances of a split in the PPP will be more prominent and real in Punjab where even a big majority of its workers have soft corner for the lawyers' movement. They may not be in favour of reinstatement of deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry but are certainly supporting the lawyers, who, they believe are fighting for the cause of an independent judiciary. In the absence of a strong leadership like Benazir Bhutto, the party cadre could be waylaid or could succumb to electronic media propaganda that has already created soft feeling for the lawyers' movement and the deposed Chief Justice.