PTA has been closely working with the cellular industry for betterment of the consumer by regulating the industry while ensuring the security of communications. From time to time, PTA has announced various policies on sale of the prepaid Sims after having extensive meetings with the cellular companies. It has, however, never even considered having a meeting with the thousands of franchisees to hear their side of the issue even though they are the ones that are mainly affected by its policies. The cellular companies always manage to get their way with consumers either due to being in hock with the concerned people in PTA or through collusion with the Senate standing committee. The new Sim activation policy announced by PTA seems mindful of the various security concerns of the country. However, I would like to request PTA to give strict instructions to all companies not to enforce Sim targets on franchisees. This way, the sales made under this new policy would only be to the genuine consumers. Otherwise, if the Sim targets were enforced on the franchisees, the whole concept would fail. -TAUFIQ RIND, Kotri, February 18.