MATTA - In his mission to ensure durable peace in the troubled Swat Valley, banned Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Shariah Muhammadi (TNSM) Chief Maulana Sufi Muhammad along with hundreds of his companions and followers reached here on Wednesday. Before leaving Mingora City of Swat District, Maulana Sufi led a peace march. Hundreds of TNSM activists and stalwarts, mostly from Dir region, walked in the city and were given a rousing welcome by the people, who were badly affected by the violence in the last two years. They were received with slogans of Shariah and peace. On concluding the peace march at Tableeghi Markaz in outskirts of Mingora, Maulana Sufi in his brief speech congratulated the common people on resolving of their long-standing demands regarding enforcement of Shariah in the region. He was hopeful that after enforcement of the new law, people would get access to easy and speedy justice, which was their dream. He said that now all of them needed to work for the return of peace and stability. He later led prayers for peace and an end to bloodshed, violence, terrorism and destruction in the region. Later, Maulana Sufi's convoy proceeded in a motorcade procession towards Matta region. Maulana Sufi had already held a meeting with the civil and police authorities concerned at Saidu Sharif Swat. On way from Mingora till Matta, Maulana Sufi and his associates were received with warm welcome by the people from Kanju, Dheri, Ningolai and other villages and towns, badly affected during the last two years. It merits mentioning that most of the dwellers of both Kabal and Matta Tehsils had vacated their homes and migrated to safer places. And now the displaced people, settled inside Swat, were returning to their homes. The TNSM leaders informed that Maulana Sufi reached Matta with a view to meeting Maulana Fazalullah and his other associates. However, upon failure, Maulana Sufi's convoy would proceed to Khawazakhela region for the same purpose. Through some highly-placed sources, this scribe came to know that Taliban leaders held an important meeting soon after landing of Maulana Sufi in Swat late on Tuesday night. The participants constituted a team for negotiations with Maulana Sufi. The meeting despite having certain reservations over the agreement between the TNSM and the NWFP government decided to work for the return of peace in the region. Agencies add: Maulana Sufi vowed to restore calm to Swat Valley, leading thousands of men in a march for peace after securing a deal to enforce Sharia law. "I have come here to establish peace and I will not leave until this mission is achieved." Police and witnesses estimated that 15,000 people marched, waving black and white flags as they paraded through town with the cleric. The male gathering were mostly bearded and sporting black turbans. The cleric walked behind several rows of followers marching hand-in-hand. Local residents lined the main roads, greeting Sufi Muhammad, who was jailed in Pakistan for six years after returning from Afghanistan where he led thousands of supporters to fight against US-led troops who toppled the Taliban in 2001. Wearing a black waistcoat and white shalwar kamiz, Sufi Muhammad sported a long white beard, walked slowly and avoided the gaze of television cameras. Thousands of supporters of his son-in-law, Maulana Fazlullah, have spent two years mounting a terrifying campaign to enforce Sharia law, beheading opponents, bombing schools, outlawing entertainment and fighting government forces. Sufi, heading a convoy of more than 100 vehicles, arrived in the town of Matta, where he hopes to meet the firebrand Fazlullah and Taliban leaders to persuade them to disarm, his spokesman Amir Izzat said. Police and witnesses said people thronged in thousands to welcome him during his 15-kilometre journey. Sufi sent a 10-member delegation to the remote mountain town of Peuchar, a Fazlullah stronghold, for talks.