ISLAMABAD Tanzara Gallery, Thursday, exhibited the solo show of Karachi-based artist, AQ Arif, whose breath-taking pieces of art are in harmony with his soil. Initially, his paintings focusing Karachi as central theme revealed the main source of his inspiration as the remnant of a long-gone era. His work depicted his attraction to the leftovers of the old structures found in the city. This links to the delicately portrayed structures in his latest work. The old Mughal City of Lahore itself is a source of influence in the artists work. He sees beauty with the eyes of a newcomer, aware of the heritage and history that gave rise to such monuments. AQ Arifs spectacular portrayal of domes and tall buildings highlight the architectural element of his work, which is made even more interesting by the mirage-like effect he skilfully creates. However, this effect as well as the subtle colours, create somewhat gloomy aura. Using mixed media techniques of oil and acrylic paint, he depicts the beauty of nature through various images, which are touched by fantasy and to the spectators appreciation, unblemished by the human element. Moreover, all his work evokes a sense of tranquillity, which sets him apart from his contemporaries.