AMERICANS are the most attractive people in the world, claims a new survey. According to an online survey by, men and women in the US outshine their counterparts across the globe by taking top spot on the list. Brazil, who is famed for their curvaceous dark-haired women, came in second. Five European countries made the list, with Spain leading the pack at number three. The country is closely followed by Italy in fifth position, Sweden at number six, England at seven and France at nine. The survey found Australia in fourth position and India at number eight. India has yielded five Miss Worlds, a record which ties it with Venezuela, which is conspicuously missing from OnePoll.coms list. The USAs last win was 20 years ago in 1990. France and Brazil have only produced one winner each - in over three decades. Other countries that made the list included Mexico, Portugal, Wales, Russia, Japan, Ireland, Argentina, Scotland, Germany and the Netherlands. In a typically self-deprecating manner, a British spokesperson for said, America has got a lot on offer and boasts some of the most desired people on the planet. GK The likes of Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt all help Americas image as a hot bed of good looking people. But with a population of more than 300 million, they do have an unfair advantage. Englands talent only got them into seventh place and despite Gerard Butler waving the flag for Scotland - they only just beat the Germans. But in fairness, when you think of good looking countries, Sweden, Italy, France and Brazil talent all spring to mind before us lazy, pale Brits. GK