LAHORE - The traders and shopkeepers of the City will observe shutter down on Friday (today) against skyrocketing increase in the prices of petrol, gas, CNG and electricity tariffs by the government. However the shutter down strike announced by various trade unions is likely to remain partial due to split opinion among various traders unions having affiliations with various political parties. In this regard, Qaumi Tajir Itehad Lahore issued and distributed a pamphlets in all the major markets of the City in favour of shutter down strike against the price-hike in the country and after receiving such pamphlets a number of market unions affiliated with Qaumi Tajir Itehad have also issued and distributed the circular among the shopkeepers and traders in the concerned markets. Meanwhile, a group of Qaumi Tajir Itehad Lahore expressed alienation with these pamphlets and declared it fake. This section of Qaumi Tajir Ittehad claimed that these circulars were issued by some anti-traders element. Moreover this section of traders is using loudspeakers to contradict strike-call announcement. They have requested the shopkeepers and traders to open their shops on Friday to retreat such conspiracy against the traders community. On the other hand, another section of Anjuman-e-Tajran also issued a circular in favour of shutter down strike against skyrocketing price in the country and distributed it in all the markets of the City. However, they advised the traders and shopkeepers to wait and see till final decision (expected late at night), as the negotiations with the government in this regard were under way. That is why the traders and shopkeepers running business in various markets of the City were in a state of confusion due to contradiction of news and circulation of such circulars. However a large number of shopkeepers seemed willing to shut down their shops in order to avoid any mishap, as they were feared of any insurrection by the miscreants, which might cause any untoward incident. Meanwhile, some shopkeepers of various markets including Electronics Market at Hall Road, Beadon Road Market, Naqi Market The Mall and some other markets said that they did not received any circular in this regard from their concerned market unions.