LAHORE - Lawyers of the Lahore High Court predict a cutthroat contest between Mian Abdul Qaddus and Khawaja Mehmood Ahmed for the slot of LHCBA President in the bars annual elections 2010 scheduled to be held tomorrow (Saturday). The PML-N is a new factor in the 2010 polls of the Lahore High Court Bar as Khawaja Mehmood, Central President of PML-N Lawyers Wing is getting support from various quarters. Five candidates are contesting for the seat of president including the candidate of Hamid Khan Group. The polling will be held on Saturday in the supervision of Chairman Election Board Aurangzeb Mirza wherein as many as 11,160 voters would exercise their right of vote to elect their representatives for the year 2010-11. Unlike last few years, the factor of lawyers movement is no more influencing the bar polls and lawyers are divided into several groups. Professional Group of lawyers has fielded Mian Abdul Qaddus for the presidents seat. On the other hand, Khawaja Mehmood Ahmed is also in strong position as he is enjoys strong support by PML-N, senior lawyers belonging to Khosa group and big camps of former LHC judges including Ahsan Bhoon. Earlier, the candidates backed by Hamid Khan group had been sweeping the elections in the name of lawyers movement. Other candidates for the seat of president include Khawar Ikram Bhatti, Manzoor Gillani and Moazam Iqbal Gill. Khawar Ikram Bhatti is also optimistic to win the polls but pundits of the legal fraternity opined he is bit behind in the race as compared to Qaddus and Khawaja. Talking to The Nation about the upcoming polls Mian Abdul Qaddus said about 60 big groups of the lawyers were supporting him in the LHCBA elections besides Hamid Khan Group which fielded him for carrying on the struggle for the rule of law. He said he was a professional lawyer and three generations of his family had been in the profession. As per tradition, the bar elections campaign begins in July, six months before the election that is held in the last week of February. Abid Minhas, Babar Khilji are Mian Shah Abbas are contesting for the office of vice president while Babar Murtaza Khan, Ch Muhammad Arshad Hussain and Mian Waseem are candidates for the slot of secretary. Mehar Abid Hanif, Mian Azam, Raja Sajid Hanif are contesting for the seat of secretary finance. The polling will start at 9am and continue till 5pm at the office of LHCB. Various polling booths have been set up for the elections enabling all lawyers to cast their vote without waiting in queues. In a joint statement issued on Thursday, Munawar Gondal and Judicial Activism Penal (JAP) Chairman Azhar Siddique alleged plans were being made for rigging in the polls in the favour of Khawaja Mehmood Ahmed who is being supported by PML-N government at district and tehsil level to influence members of the bar. Munawar Gondal and Azhar Siddique are supporters of Khawar Ikram Bhatti. They alleged PML-N was using government machinery and funds for buying votes for Khawaja Mehmood. The major grouping in the forthcoming polls has surfaced in the shape of 'Hamid Khan and anti-Hamid Khan alliances due to lack of new agenda to win votes after the lawyers movement which helped many to win polls of various bars in Pakistan.