According to Darwins theory of evolution only the fittest survive. Obviously, the fittest can survive only by devouring the unfittest. Darwins theory applies generally to pre-democratic ages. In those ages, the fittest established their empires with their own muscle power. The unfittest were punished for their lack of fitness by being enslaved by the fittest. Democracy has destroyed Darwins theory. Under democracy, it is the undittest who rules. Under most of the contemporary democracies, the unfittest are the supreme rulers. They do not become rulers on the strength of their own power. It is the ballot box which transmuted them into democratically elected autocrats. If somehow Darwin were to leave his grave and visit a typically African or South American or Asian democracy, he would be shocked to see the unfittest citizens democratically elected as supreme rulers. Out of sheer frustration he might set his theory ablaze and fly back to his abode with the determination that he would never again have a look at a democracy. Unfortunately, the masses under most of the worlds democracies are more miserable than the slaves under pre-democratic empires. Under the empires, there were generally two classes: the emperors and the slaves. The slaves religiously believed that they were born as slaves to serve the emperors. Obviously, there were no social or political problems. Under our democracy, there are also two classes: the VVIPs i.e. Very Very Important Persons and the VVUPs i.e. Very Very Unimportant Persons. The inferiority has been inflicted upon the masses by the democratically elected VVIPs. To hell with such a democracy Just have a look at the havoc which the strong empires used to inflict upon the weak states. Now have a look at the havoc which a democracy has inflicted upon some weak states. America is the strongest democracy. This democracy has transmuted Iraq and Afghanistan into human slaughter houses. God forbid that some other strong democracy should emulate the American example Darwins vision was woefully limited. He viewed things only in the context of brute force. He could never foresee that one day democracy would destroy his theory. Today democracy is transmuting impotent citizens into powerful rulers all over the globe. Most of the contemporary democracies are wildly laughing at Darwin. Today it is not fitness that matters. It is crookedness that decides things under democracy. More the crooked a citizen is, the fitter he is to be a ruler. Under most of the democracies, the masses are utterly unfit to elect their rulers. Yet they are given the power to elect. They are given the power because the power givers know that the masses are unfit and because of their unfitness they are easily exploitable. And they are mercilessly exploited. All the democracies where the masses are unfit to elect must forthwith be set ablaze. A democracy should be allowed to come into being only if the masses are fit enough to elect the fittest citizens as the rulers. A genuinely fit ruler is a divine gift for the masses. Such a ruler rules to ensure the happiness of the masses. He derives his own happiness from the happiness of the masses. If the masses are happy, he is happier. If the masses lose their happiness just a little bit, the genuine rulers own happiness sinks to the rock-bottom. If some unfit citizens manage to become democratically elected rulers, they ensure that they must be succeeded by unfit rulers like themselves. They are succeeded by unfit rulers. The succeeding rulers also ensure that they must also be succeeded by unfit rulers. And they are succeeded by unfit rulers. It goes on and on like this. Thus unfitness becomes a national identity. Unfortunately, democratic history is predominantly a history of unfit rulers. Fitness has eternally been in power only in the jungle. If a citizen is upset by the unfitness of the rulers, he is free to migrate to some jungle. The writer is an academic.