Democracy has won. The decision of the elected government to respect wishes of the people and submit to rule of law has won the day for democracy. The independence of judiciary stands restored and today this august institution enjoys more credibility than any other that we have. It would have been much better if the parliamentarians had debated and resolved this matter instead of bringing it in the streets. But still, nobody has lost or won except democracy. And that is because democracy wins when people win. Their elected government must bow and submit to their will if it wishes to continue to represent them. This is the difference between democracy and dictatorship. The PM has very rightly stated that to err is human and every wrong can be rectified. The government must now send a clear message to its functionaries and nominees that they must respect and ensure that decisions of the superior judiciary are implemented in letter and spirit. They say the judges must speak through their judgments and not seen to be taking sides. Chief Justice Iftikhar has stood the test of time. As long as the judiciary led by him is independent, democracy will survive. This victory must send a message down the line that that nobody should dare be in contempt of the court. It would be better if the elected government seeks saner legal advice in future. I am sure the government is unaware that its appointed executives in PIA are in contempt of the Lahore High Court for the last nine months, with similar violations by other state owned corporations as well. -ALI MALIK TARIQ, Lahore, February 18