Rulers are not born. They are the product of a long struggle and grounding in the affairs of the state. Look at the political history of the Subcontinent. Many of our rulers were illiterate but they had drunk deep from the wellspring of politics. Look at Zaheer-ud-Din Babar. He was totally illiterate yet he conquered India and ruled it well for long. Jalal-ud-Din Muhammad Akbar had no formal education but was coached in statecraft by very able teachers, politicians and soldiers. These rulers then employed the most competent people as their viziers and advisors. The history of Pakistan politics, though, is unfortunately replete with incompetent rulers and their incompetent ministers and advisors. These people were not only incompetent but they were (and are) corrupt to the core as well. You cannot become a ruler if you have been selling cinema tickets in black in early life. If such a person is elevated to the rank of a minister, or chief minister, he would do nothing except minting money because politics is neither his field nor he knows a thing about affairs of the country. It is due to this poor choice of profession that has made the present men at helm so susceptible to failure and humiliation. A seasoned politician would resign if he faces failure, setbacks and humiliation again and again. If nothing else, he would at least take the logical step of sacking his advisors without wasting a minute. -TAYYIBA QAZILBASH, Islamabad, February 18