ISLAMABAD Speakers on Thursday urged the government to allocate resources for implementation of the National Plan of Action against commercial sexual exploitation of children in the transport sector that exposes them to multiple forms of violence at different levels. Save the Children Sweden in collaboration with working group of non-governmental organisations launched a research report on A situational analysis of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) in transport industry of Pakistan. According to the report a survey was conducted on 6 major cities of Pakistan, which are regarded transportation hubs. Research disclosed that the spaces, which are often used for sexual activities are hotels, inside a truck and other places like, deserted places on roadside. Speaking on the occasion, Manizeh Bano Executive Director of Sahil, an NGO working against child sexual abuse said that in commercial exploitation, a child is treated like a sexual and commercial object. Major practices of CSEC are forced sex, early marriages, drug abuse, sex tourism, CSEC in shrines, schools and in transport industry, she added. She continued that commercial sexual exploitation of children in transport industry was happening at a large scale and in a rather institutionalised manner due to economic and personal advantages. On this occasion, Chairman of WG Dr Muhammad Tufail gave detailed description of study saying that WG conducted a survey with 505 persons including 170 drivers, 169 helper boys and 166 driver hotel owners of Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Sukkur, Karachi and Quetta. The main age of the drivers was 37.8 percent (range- 21 to 60 Years) 42 percent of them were in 31-40 years age group. Only 6 percent drivers completed their 10 years of schooling. Out of a total of 169, 83 percent were married. The number of children of married respondents was 4.9 percent. He further continued that the main reasons quoted were poverty (43pc), harsh school environment (20pc), physical abuse at home (10pc) and the desire to learn a marketable skill (22pc). Some of the boys earn extra money through massage and selling sex and good-looking boys may earn more than Rs10, 000 per month through commercial sex. Mehmood Asghar Executive Director Save the Children Sweden said that the government must expedite the adoption of Child Protection Bill and take necessary measures for the establishment of a structured Child Protection System in the Country. On other hand, he maintained that programmes on the prevention of HIV/AIDS and STIs, especially tailored for the transport industry, should be developed and implemented.