This is a riposte to the contents of a recent book by the Indian author Arun Shourie of the BJP in which he has launched a diatribe against Quaid-e-Azam using highly scurrilous and vituperative language. Mr Shourie calls Mr Jinnah a repelling character and goes on to castigate and disparage the Founder of Pakistan as a diabolic schemer who used British and, in turn, was used by them to divide India. In fact, it was not Jinnah, but Shouries hero Gandhi, who was a repulsive, abhorrent and hypocritical fraud. Gandhi was a bigoted Hindu and a virulent racist whose repugnant personality was cleverly shrouded in a cloak of righteousness and piety. The worldwide screening of the Hollywood blockbuster 'Gandhi was mainly instrumental in catapulting this small, demented man to the pedestal of a demigod. While Gandhi was severely opposed to the South African discrimination against the Hindus, he had nothing but malignant contempt for the downtrodden and persecuted black minority of that country. He himself wrote that the blacks of South Africa were but a degree removed from the animal. He was justifiably denied the Nobel Peace Prize for his vitriolic racism. Jinnah, on the other hand, secured freedom for millions of Muslims in the shape of Pakistan at a time when the wretched Dalits of India were denied separate electorates by Gandhi. Gandhi wrote twice to Hitler addressing him as 'my friend. He also advised the British nation to surrender to Hitler and offer no resistance at all. He once urged the Czechs and the Jews to use 'force of the soul to oppose Nazism by committing collective suicide. This was Gandhis philosophy of non-violence, bordering on sheer lunacy and ending in abject failure. He was a lecherous old freak who indulged in highly bizarre practices. In contrast, Mr Jinnah was a paragon of uprightness whose sublime and sterling character were the stuff of legend. Inept slandering of pygmies like Mr Shourie who resort to denigration and calumny against him would never scratch the unquestioned greatness of this titan of the 20th century. -TANWEER-US-SAQALAN, Lahore, February 18