Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor on Friday said Pakistan was continuing to push in militants from across the border into Indian Kashmir but the Armed Forces deployed there were capable of tackling it. Our neighbour is continuing infiltration of militants from across the border into IHK. It (infiltration) will continue. Forces are deployed in the border and they will make all efforts to stop the infiltrators there. If some militants do come in, our forces will tackle them, he told reporters on the sidelines of an Army function. Asked why infiltration was continuing despite the border passes being closed due to snowfall, he said the militants were being pushed into the border state from the South of Pir Panjal areas. On the Home Ministrys rehabilitation plan for Kashmiri youths who want to return from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, the Army chief said, I am sure the Home Minister and the Government will look at all aspects before a final decision is taken. A decision is taken and they are looking into it. I am sure they will take views of all ministries including the Defence Ministry and whenever a decision is taken it will be good for every one, he added.