ISLAMABAD In what can be termed as a frustrated move of the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), its top management has transferred Senior Producer PBC Anila Saleem from Lahore to Faisalabad while she was on medical leave. Earlier Anila was served on a memorandum of explanation by the PBC management as a punishment of complaining against the management. As part of his 'revenge campaign against me, I was transferred when I was on medical leave, Anila told TheNation from Lahore on telephone. Currently, Anila said, 15 posts are lying vacant in Lahore and she has been transferred to Faisalabad as part of revenge campaign against her while she was on medical leave, Anila Saleem told TheNation from Lahore on telephone. Despite the availability of seats I have been transferred, which is obviously an evidence of the fact that I am being harassed and victimized, she said adding that the top management holds personal vendetta against her. Telling the agony, Anila further said that she was a chronic patient of backache and now as per new order she has to go Faisalabad city, leaving her children behind here in Lahore. I have recently been demoted and as per the demotion order I cant sign proposal and go for recording and working as an Officer on Special Duty (OSD), she said adding that she could not understand this transfer when she was not allowed to work. Earlier, the top management of the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), after publication of TheNations story about workplace harassment of a senior producer, had issued an explanation memorandum to her while she was on medical leave. Earlier, in the 'clarification, the PBC said that Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation totally rejects the report. A press release issued by the PBC, says that headline of the story Workplace harassment of Women at PBC, itself is misleading and an effort to malign the media organisation. Through this story an attempt has been made to divert attention from the serious allegations and take refuge behind the cover of harassment of women (A very easy way to raise hue and cry to hide ones misdoings). The Senior Producer Radio Pakistan Lahore opted to give it to a totally different colour and make it a case of harassment of women, which it is absolutely not, the clarification added. The PBC rejects this allegation, on the contrary some PBC official are in fact victims of harassment and threats by her (which is part of the official record), the clarification stated.