ISLAMABAD Some former CIAs detectives, who were once 'eyes and ears of Pentagon, are now feeling guilty of their dark past only after they were discarded by their masters, while Pentagon regrets its mistake of ignoring them when they were no longer of any use for it. During Soviet invasion on Afghanistan, Rich Barlow, a close associate of Dick Cheney, was monitoring CIAs operations in Pakistan. On-the-record statements which Rich had recorded on different platforms as well as in his public appearances suggest Pakistan as a greatest threat to world and label other states like Libya, North Korea, and Iran as the major breeds of nukes supplied from Pakistan. Ironically a senior journalist, who works for a reputed media organisation here, was denied permission to interview Rich Barlow in US while he was reporting in the United States. The same journalist told this scribe last week that he was the first one to carry out exclusive investigations into covert operations of CIA and found traces of its spies, with Rich Barlow being one of them. However, when he had approached Rich for an interview, Barlow was reluctant to talk to the journalist as he (journalist) hailed from a 'hostile origin. In addition, some CIA officials who were tapping Barlows calls had warned the reporter to stay away from him. Later, two US journalists were allowed to interview the former CIA spy some three years back. Both the journalists also talked to Robert Galluci who regretted abandoning Rich Barlow by Pentagon after its mission in Afghanistan was over and Soviet Union was disintegrated. The vanquishing of Barlow and the erasing of his case kicked off a chain of events that led to all the nuclear-tinged standoffs we face today. Pakistan is number one threat to the world, and if it all goes off- a nuclear bomb in a US or a European city - Im sure we will find ourselves looking in Pakistans directions, he said. As part of CIAs longstanding legacy, Barlow was sacked and smeared as disloyal, mad, a drunk and a philanderer, but only after his mission was over. Why West is overwhelmingly obsessed with the nuclear programmes of Pakistan and North Korea, and accuses Iran of 'misusing its nuclear reactors is best explained by all those sensitising reports which CIA detectives operating in Middle East and Asia fabricate against the respective states, either to please their rulers or get hasty promotions by joining the bandwagon of maligning the 'nuclear East. Irrespective of the fact that Pakistans atomic programme was a nuclear deterrence against hostile and ambitious India, CIA operatives keep blowing the trumpet of 'Pakistan a biggest threat to mankind. It is the result of these maligning intelligence reports, and subsequent media hype projecting CIAs version in the West that top US leadership like Vice-President Joe Biden are always occupied with evasive concerns related to Pakistans nuclear installations. Biden, in a recent interview with an American channel had categorically expressed these concerns with regard to Pakistans nuclear programmes vulnerability to militants. Other CIA detectives like Art Keller and Robert Baer have recently made some startling revelations regarding CIAs abominable role in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan in destabilising those countries. Strangely enough, all these 'turncoats who cannot help cursing and exposing CIA and Pentagon now, were once the 'eyes and ears of their employers. Ages old citation that Americans do not have any permanent friends, they keep making new and abandoning old ones, only deciphers why former CIA agents took U-turns and broke their silence.