LAHORE - Analysts and experts on Indo-Pak relations on Thursday said due to the strong opposition of Hindu hardliners to resume the composite dialogue, Indian media and New Delhi have started implicating Pakistan in the Pune blast as the investigations into the terror attack are surrounded by smokescreen of propaganda. For the experts on Indo-Pak relations in the perspective of the process of composite dialogue, which had kindled a hope of peace in the recent past, 'timings of the blast that took place at around 7 pm on February 13, targeting the German Bakery of Pune, were somewhat predictable. The Indian medias attempt to create a Pakistani and even a global linkage to the blast only reflects the Indian desire of presenting itself as the victim of terrorism in total denial of the indigenous brand of terror that has taken roots among the Hindu Right and manifested as a backlash in the oppressed Muslim community. 'The Indian assertions of involvement of the 'foreign hand in the Pune Blast is a product of their own imagination, said an analyst. According to the observers, given the well-known opposition to the continuation of peace process with Pakistan by the Hindu rightwing organisations, an act of terrorism was very much on the cards and the Indian agencies should have been on their toes. Yet even before the dust and smoke settled in Pune, the powerful Indian media started implicating Pakistan by following the thinly veiled directions of the Indian agencies and foreign office, floating scenarios that bear no relevance to the situation, only serving to vitiate the working ambiance. To a question as to why the Indian media is injecting the involvement of David Coleman Headley, by referring to a 'Karachi Project in the context of the Pune blast, the sources said such baseless projections only reflected the Indian obsessions to project themselves as victims of terrorism from abroad. The US authorities have thoroughly interrogated Headley and the FBI had filed an affidavit justifying his arrest with an Illinois Court in Oct 2009, and the affidavit bears no evidence that he is linked to incidents of terrorism in India. If India is so sure of its case, instead of creating a media hype why dont they ask the FBI to provide evidence and assist agencies in their investigations, well-placed sources maintained.