Mr. Afzal Sindhu, federal Minister of Railways pontificated on a private channels talk show last evening about the Preamble of the Constitution of Pakistan, even quoting a bit that laid down that whereas sovereignty over the entire universe belongs to the Almighty Allah alone, the authority is to be exercised by the people of Pakistan. He, however, stopped short of saying that the authority was to be exercised within the limits prescribed by Him which are a sacred trust. This amounts to saying that the Kalima is complete even if you just say the half that There is no God and then dont add the words except Allah to it. The minister ought to have uttered the whole truth and not taken shelter behind half truth which is tantamount to adjoining 'Haq and 'Baatil, which is prohibited by the Holy Quran. -DR M YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, February 17