LONDON Hundreds of Muslim women from across the UK are to gather outside the Pakistan Embassy in London on Friday (today) to protest against the horrific kidnap, abuse and sham trial of Dr Aafia Siddiqui at the hands of the US government. They will also express their disgust and dismay over the criminal inaction of President Zardari leadership over her case and that of hundreds of other innocent Muslims detained illegally by Pakistani and American security forces. The demonstration has been organised by the women of Hizb-ut-Tahrir Britain. A letter will also be delivered on the day by a high-level delegation of women from the organisation. Dr Nazreen Nawaz, Womens Media Representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain said, Dr Aafia is yet another human tragedy of this 'War-on-Terror, another victim of US democracy at work. After all this is a system that has gained notoriety for abductions, secret detention and torture to secure political aims; a system known to dispense with the rule of law, human rights and justice when interests dictate; a system that has made its mark in the abuse of Muslim women, with Abu Ghraib - where Muslim women were sexually tortured, photographed naked, and raped - still raw in the minds of many; a system that has become a champion of international terror. The Zardari governments complicity in Dr Aafias ordeal is criminal. It shamelessly surrenders its judicial process, economics, politics and military to the US and lies supine while a foreign power fearlessly detains, tortures and extradites its own citizens. These Muslim rulers willingly place their necks under the boots of their Western masters, she added. Dr Nazreen said that unlike Zardari and company, Muslim women in Britain will not turn their backs on Dr. Aafia. We will continue to call for her liberation from the clutches of her tormentors, not through placing trust in the hypocritical, merciless democratic system of the US, Britain or Pakistan but by calling for a system that cares sincerely for the welfare of its citizens, she said.