AMERICANS may be winning more medals at the Winter Olympics than any other country, but they also take gold when it comes to being the laziest people on the planet. The US ranked No 1 out of 24 developed countries in The Daily Beasts list of lazy nations, based on statistics on daily calorie intake, data on TV viewing habits, the percentage of the population that plays sport, as well as internet usage, mX has reported. The US was first in calorie intake and TV watching and took bronze for sports aversion and internet usage - enough to claim top spot on the podium. Canadians took the silver after surprisingly leading the planet in internet usage. Bronze went to Belgium, with the country known for its waffles, while Turkey just missed out on the medals in fourth despite being ranked No1 in avoiding playing sports. heraldsun Australians can sink back into their couches after being ranked No.19 on the list. Though ranked the ninth worst nationality in avoiding playing sport, Aussies were 14th in TV viewing, 16th for internet usage and 22nd in terms of calorie intake. heraldsun