12 people were killed and over 50 injured in a powerful explosion last Friday near a furniture market in Karachi. The blast occurred in a mini bus on the Sharah-e-Faisal that was going in the procession for Holy Chehlum so the injured included a lot of women and children. As of today, the death toll has risen to 30. The same thing had happened in the Ashura blast on M. A. Jinnah Road when innocent people in the procession holding Alums, Tazias, and other Ziarats were hit. Despite the blast, the participants each time made an effort to end the procession at its destination and did so with great fortitude. Meanwhile, other people engaged in rescue work and collected pieces of their loved ones and those they did not know. How could any of these people would have torched building, shops, and vehicles, and so many of them that the count runs in several thousands, while they engaged in taking the sacred procession to its destination or rescuing the injured or collecting corpses of their dead? The Shia community is once again out in protest throughout the country. They are again on the roads demanding justice for their slain and slaughtered. The government has still not concluded the investigations into the Ashura Blast, having arrested and released a number of suspects. Riots following the blasts were an attempt to divert the attention from this most heinous of crime against the innocent people who had left their home to join in invocation to the 'Religion of Peace. The government cannot wash its hands off this act most foul by simply throwing the responsibility on Taliban,. Al-Qaida, or whoever. The mayhem we are witnessing everyday, murder of women, children and innocent people, is clear proof of the governments failure. When would we see the day when the sun sets with out news of such gory happenings that make all mothers wish for their children to be home? -MURIAM FATIMA, Mailsi, February 18